Galleripple is a website dedicated to Art created by Architects.  There are many historical precedents of Artist/Architects including Michaelangelo, Leonardo DaVinci, and Le Corbusier, as well as contemporary Artist/Architects like Frank Gehry and Santiago Calatrava.  In fact, there are many known and relatively unknown artist/architects throughout the world.  Perhaps, the common theme is creativity.  Or it may be the process of making a mark.  However, whatever the impetus there is a great lineage of Artist/Architects who will continue to drive their mediums forward.

Can you offer More insight into your work?

My purpose as an artist/architect is to explore new synergies between elements of the built environment and fine art painting and share those creations with the world.  By combining architectonic and mechanical components with text, color and texture my goal is to communicate a variety of larger artistic concepts in a multitude of ways to engage the viewers on an intellectual level and inspire their own creativity and passion.

Viewers often ask me what problem my work solves and/or what a specific painting is about.  Since the components of my work are intended to be metaphors for the viewers to define themselves I have found that the answer to the questions change over time for each painting and each viewer.  Therefore the problem my work solves is similar to the solving of a riddle.  The solution or answer to my work may not have a solution or an answer and so the riddle itself is the art.

Who likes your work?

So who are the people that like my work and what do they do?  The people who like my work are people who are problem solvers - engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, etc. who are challenged to come up with solutions in their daily lives and jobs and need inspiration to meet those challenges. 

Where is all of this going?

Since my work can be applied to other items like skateboards, etc. there are a variety of ways that viewers can incorporate my work into their daily lives.  Since the meaning of my work is intentionally abstract and fluid, just like the constantly changing world, it is envisioned that the output/mediums for my work will change as well.  My hope is that the work stays fresh and continues to inspire people for years to come.

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