Deck Dock® is the ultimate way to display your skateboard. Deck Dock® skateboard brackets are designed to give the owner the greatest variety of options to display and store their extreme sports boards.

What are the uses of the Deck Dock?

  • Hang your skateboard at any angle on a wall with and without the trucks on.
  • Store your skateboard quickly off the floor for easy access when you are riding your skateboard.
  • Display your skateboard at any angle on any wall just like fine art.

Deck Dock also offers unlimited display options so you can hang, store and display both printed and painted skateboard and unleash your creativity and show off your skateboard collection.

Where can I go to find out more info about the Deck Dock?

For more information go to the ProRogue website.

Where can I go to purchase a Deck Dock?

Click HERE to order directly from Us.

Click HERE to order the Bare Wood Deck Dock from Amazon.

Click HERE to order the El Diablo Deck Dock from Amazon.