Studio Highlights 2016

Title: Rust

Medium: Oil & Colored Pencil on Canvas

Size: 12" x 12"

Copyright: 2016

2016 marked a distinct change in the way I paint.  I was able to learn to control the medium much better and integrate several techniques including palette knife, roller, stencil, line work and glazing into my work.

I also started to adjust the compositions so they incorporated larger and more colorful shapes.  I call these shapes my 'Engine Blocks' since they help anchor and stabilize the compositions.  (See Berman Blog 16.03 also).  This opened up a new world of possibilities since it gave me another item in my visual repertoire to use.

My work continues to explore the concept of abstract thought and purpose with leanings toward invention and an infinite world of possibilities.  In keeping with this theme I have been working on developing and expanding my Berman Boards (board graphics meant for extreme sports) as well as a new line of Mini-Me's that I am tentatively calling Berman Blocks which are small reproductions of larger works that will come out in 2017.