Title:  Extraterrestrial Widget

Medium:  Oil, Alkyd & Colored Pencil on Laminated Plywood

Size:  9" x 9"

Copyright:  2007

Catalog #:  07.001


Throwback Thursday

Here's another painting from the past.  It was done in 2007 and featured my construction lines as well as the combination of shapes, colors and layering.  Notably, it won an Honorable Mention Award at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art Biennial and was the first time a critic described my work and included it in his article about the show.  The critic, Colin Berry of Artweek Magazine, called it "A mysterious schematic for an extraterrestrial widget".

People frequently ask me what my paintings are about.  Frankly, I cannot really describe them better than what Mr. Berry did.  The one thing I can offer is a perspective that I was lucky enough to receive from Robert Rauschenberg when I met him at his home/studio for the book signing for Kiki's Paris in late 1989.  I asked Mr Rauschenberg how you knew you were an artist.  He told me that you are an artist if you wake up every day with the drive and desire to create your art.  In his opinion it was that simple ... so I think I'll leave it up to the art critics to come up with a proper description for my work and continue on doing what I do.