Ken Berman @ Art Trails 2017

It's fall again and time for me to open up my new studio/\gallery as part of Sonoma County Art Trails 2017.  There are over 140 studios participating in the annual event so there is a lot to see.

This year I will be featuring a new studio/\gallery space dedicated specifically for me to show my work to guests and collectors.  It's not a very big space but it has great access and natural light.  In the past I had to carve out space in the house and move furniture around.  (My wife sure didn't appreciate it when it was time to get ready for open studios).  I have so much work I even used my fence as additional display space.  The good thing about my new studio/\gallery is that it is adjacent to my painting storage as well so I can easily retrieve older inventory to show collectors if necessary.  This way I can present my work professionally and enjoy it more thoroughly.

Also of note, I have also been asked by several people recently to give art classes.  I will have a sign-up form at my studio if you are interested.

Art Trails 2017 - Studio/\Gallery photo  (Featuring my painting ledge/bench)

Art Trails 2017 - Studio/\Gallery photo

(Featuring my painting ledge/bench)