New Work @ The Lori Austin Gallery

Opening in the very near future is a new gallery at The Barlow in Sebastopol. That gallery is the Lori Austin Gallery and I have the honor of being included in a select group of artists opening the gallery. It’s an exciting time for my work and I will have some of my new pieces like Lascaux #2 (below) included.

 Lascaux #2

Lascaux #2

People involved in the local Sonoma County art scene and who remember snippets of my past work are in for a surprise with my new work. As has been the case for artists in the past, my work has matured to encompass a lot more than the mechanical appurtenances of it’s infancy. Although there is a lot more room to grow, the path of development is much clearer now than it was when I started and I can envision even more growth as I continue to push past what my initial artistic skill set afforded me. Talent only goes so far. Now it’s up to my artistic skill, use of the oil medium, knowledge of my subject matter and new venues to show my work to see how far it can go.

SF Chronicle.jpg

BTW - an artist friend sent me this photo today of my work in the latest SF Chronicle.

Artist’s spend their whole lives trying to find that recognizable ‘something’ that establishes a market presence … it’s great when that actually starts to happen and I’m glad to have the opportunity to show my work at Lori Austin Gallery and The Barlow in Sebastopol.

Now my goal is to continue developing my repertoire which will include me creating and cutting my own stencils …