T for Tough

10" x 8"

Oil & Colored Pencil on Canvas on Panel

Copyright 2016



I believe it is in every artists best interest that they share their work with the general public and that the general public have access to the artists creations on a neutral platform.  This makes it easier for fans and collectors of all socioeconomic levels to have equal access to the work without feeling intimidated or pressured to purchase.  Since fans and collectors cannot be in the studio every day with me or peruse my inventory racks at a moments notice to seek out the piece that truly speaks to them, I have started to upload some of my work (including older pieces) onto a neutral platform that makes my work accessible to everyone.  The platform is called Fine Art America and it allows you to not only purchase a variety of prints but also everyday objects like tote bags and coffee mugs.  The website includes artists from around the world and the variety allows all socioeconomic levels to participate in collecting art and supporting their favorite artists.

Fine Art America also has a feature that allows you to contact the artist if you would like to acquire the original work of art.  Feel free to contact me if there are any original works that pique your interest.