The Woven Tale Press

Title:  Red Hottie

Medium:  Wood, Painted Steel, Spark Plug

Size:  19" x 39" x 12"

Copyright:  2014

Catalog #:  S14.001

One of the great things about my new website is that it is so easy to share what I am up to quickly and easily.  In this blog entry I want to share that my website and artwork were reviewed by an online publication called The Woven Tale Press.  If you are interested in reading the review please go to

What was great about the article is that the reporter added a few of the images that can only be found when a visitor really digs into the site for the content.  Like most websites, there is a lot of content that people never see and never really know exists.  Plus, if you are like me, you are uploading content continually so the website becomes a 'go-to' source for information.  Finally there is an excuse for visitors to look more closely to find things I have included.

The Woven Tale Press also has a section that allows interested artists to submit their work and/or website.  Check it out!