Best of Show and Special Award at the Napa Valley Expo

I’m grateful to have received a second set of painting awards in as many months from the Napa Valley Expo. One of the great things about being an independent artist is that I continue to find people who appreciate and support my work and at the same time I get a chance to interact with them outside of the stale gallery scene.

One of my fondest memories was when I first moved to California. It was a chance encounter at a framing shop where I met an older couple in Marin who adored my work. Although they were not there to purchase my work they were so fantastically supportive that I call on that memory to remind myself why I enjoy making art. Much like the Jefferson Starship song “Find Your Way Back” I think it’s important for all artists to find their way back to what makes it all so enjoyable and remind themselves that their work inspires a lot of people … even if they don’t tell you so.